Area lights around the SUVRV



Using solar post lights for area lights in a car-camping situation is inspired by the fence-post lights currently being used in rural settings as a set-it & forget-it proposition


There are many places where these can be sourced, but I sourced mine from Amazon.

The transformation needed to turn these into camp lights in car-camping situations is the addition of magnets. I chose to add four  D901 magnets sourced from K&J Magnetics thinking that the stated pulling power of 1.3 lbs each (4 x 1.3 = 5.2 lbs) should provide a good balance of power and thinness.

I thought many ways to affix the magnets to the back of the light fixture, Super Glue, J&B Weld, etc, but in the end it seemed to me that gaffers tape (again sourced from Amazon) given the inherent flexibility of the tape.


Also the tape should help with avoiding metal-on-metal contact when mounting the fixture.

A bit of trimming, and voilà, it’s done.


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